About Pixo Events Asia

Pixo Events is a events company located in Singapore. We are a team of individual passionate about the events industry. Our teams are specialised in turnkey events management. Share with us your event objective we will plan an execute your event from design to finish.

Creative – We understand from an Event Organiser’s point of view, content is King. High quaility content attracts high quality consumers. Hence, it is not only important to how your messaging displayed, but how the content is effectively displayed to visually captivate your audiences plays an even more important role. Images and experiences evoke emotions and emotions strengthens memories.

Project Management – We strive towards delivering your event On Time, On Target and On Budget. With over 100 years of combined experience in our core management team, we have developed a events planning system which allows us to prepare in detail all the components of your event, anticipate all the potential pitfalls, and execute preventive measures. Every event can be perfect, if you plan for it.

The Extra Mile – We are not here just to perfectly execute your event. We believe in making it better than it was before. We are ready to share ideas and experiences ot make our events more memorable and successful. Your event is our event. If it looks good on you, it makes us look good too.

Why Pixo Events


Simply because we are fun! Our formula for success is putting a great team and great ideas together. We aim to be the events company that you want to work with. Event management is more than just creating a unique concept and executing a flawless show. It all the ups and downs along and the way and how we overcome that to reach our final event destination. Take it from our experience. 20 years down the road, you may not remember exactly play by play what happened on the actual day. It is all the quirky and goofy things that we experience along the way that makes the event memorable.


From The Team That Brought You


Let’s Work Together


We are a full fledged event service provider, with a list of comprehensive services spanning from conceptualisation and design, event management, event production to post-event analysis. With a team of dedicated and experienced event management specialists, you and your guests can be promised an unparalleled event experience.

Simply drop us a message using the form below, or send us an email at sales@pixo.sg. Please ensure that the contact number given to us is accurate and we will contact you back to discuss the details for your event.